Fauxwood Tape

The fine attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the realistic wood grain texture to the precise tape alignment, creating a luxurious and sophisticated look. Experience the perfect blend of style and durability with our faux wood tape Venetian blinds, transforming your windows into captivating focal points while providing optimal light control and privacy.
Fauxwood Tape
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1. Is roller blinds recess fit or exact fitting?

Our roller blinds can fit both way
Blackout roller blinds offer superior light blocking, privacy, and energy efficiency. They reduce noise, come in various styles, and enhance aesthetics. Keep in mind limited light control, potential installation complexity, and maintenance. Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and spaces requiring darkness, these blinds provide a versatile solution for your window covering needs.
It's generally not recommended to iron blackout roller blinds directly, as the high heat can damage the fabric or coating.
Blackout roller blinds can be spot cleaned using a mild detergent and water. Gently blot stains, then rinse with a damp cloth and pat dry. Avoid full submersion in water. For extensive cleaning, consider professional services. Always test cleaning methods on a small area first and follow manufacturer's instructions if available.
We have 2.1m x 2.1m blackout roller blinds which is stated as 210 x 210 in cm.
Royal Home Furnishing providing you the best blinds range at a cheaper rate all over the UK.
To install the blackout roller blinds, jump into our Installation Guide page and click on the roller blind instructions link.
To clean a blackout roller blind, dust and vacuum with a soft brush attachment. For stains, gently blot with mild soapy water, then rinse and pat dry. For a deeper clean, soak in a bathtub with mild detergent, rinse, and air dry. Professional cleaning is an option.
To install blackout roller blinds: Measure window width and length. Choose inside or outside mount. Attach brackets securely at top of window frame or wall. Slide roller into brackets; secure with screws. Test blind's smooth operation. Optional: Attach side channels for better light blockage. Trim excess chain or cord for safety. See our instructions pdf for specifics or email us for further guidance.
To fix a blackout roller blind: Roller Won't Move: Check for any obstructions or tangled fabric. Ensure brackets are secure and aligned. Check if the chain or mechanism is damaged; replace if necessary. Uneven Rolling: Adjust the roller by loosening brackets and repositioning. Make sure the blind is straight and level. Material Issues (Tears, Wrinkles): Minor tears can be repaired with fabric glue. Remove wrinkles using a steamer, damp cloth, or hanging the blind. Chain/Cord Problems: Check for entanglement or breakage; replace if needed. Re-thread the chain if it has come out of the mechanism. Side Channels Issues (if applicable): Ensure side channels are securely attached for proper light blockage. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines first and seek professional assistance if unsure.
Blackout roller blinds are typically made of a combination of materials designed to effectively block light and provide privacy. The front-facing side, which is visible from inside the room, is often made from a polyester or other tightly woven fabric that has a blackout coating applied to it. The coating is usually a layer of acrylic or another light-blocking material that prevents light from passing through. The backside of the blind, which faces the window, may also have a reflective or thermal coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. The roller mechanism itself is typically made of metal or durable plastic, and the chain or cord used to operate the blind is usually made of strong materials like plastic or metal as well.
Blackout roller blinds are commonly made from tightly woven fabrics that have a blackout coating applied to them. The front-facing side of the blind, which is visible from inside the room, is often made from materials like polyester or other synthetic fabrics. These fabrics are tightly woven to minimize light penetration.
Measure: Measure window width and length for accurate sizing. Choose Mounting Type: Decide between inside mount (within window frame) or outside mount (above frame). Brackets Installation: Inside Mount: Attach brackets inside the window frame, ensuring they're level. Outside Mount: Attach brackets above the frame or on the wall. Attach Roller: Slide the roller into the brackets and secure using screws. For some blinds, you may need to adjust tension using the provided mechanism. Test and Adjust: Pull the blind down to test smooth operation. If necessary, adjust the roller or brackets for proper alignment. Side Channels (Optional): Attach side channels to further block light if desired. Finishing Touch: Trim any excess chain or cord for safety.
Yes, blackout blinds are designed to effectively block light from entering a room. They are constructed with special materials and coatings that minimize or eliminate light penetration. When properly installed, blackout blinds can create a significantly darker environment compared to regular blinds or curtains. They are particularly useful for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where you want to control light for sleep, privacy, or other reasons.
Yes, day and night blinds are roller blinds
Yes you can cut it. It's trimmable
Yes it's trimmable
You can find out instruction guide pdf from Installation Guide Page.
Yes it's also called Roll up Blinds
Day and night blinds, or Zebra blinds, offer adjustable light control and privacy with alternating sheer and opaque stripes. Easily operated by chain or motor, they create a soft ambiance when sheer stripes overlap, while opaque stripes ensure nighttime privacy. Available in various styles and colors, these versatile blinds are both functional and visually appealing. Child and pet safety features are included.
Clean day and night roller blinds by dusting with a gentle brush or vacuum, spot clean with mild soapy water for stains, and ensure thorough drying. Remove for a deeper hand wash if needed, but avoid harsh chemicals. Regular maintenance prevents dirt buildup. Always follow our instructions for best results.